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After indulging in a lifetime of oil painting, I decided to splurge into Acrylics. A journey hesitantly undertaken, turned out to be a totally joyful experience, and turns out that it will be a long journey filled with experiments and fun! Interestingly what I did learn and got to introspect on is ‘change’… which weContinue reading

Disruptive Technology & Social Disruption

The first time the term ‘Disruptive technology’ was defined and analyzed by Clayton M. Christensen and his team in 1997 there certainly was a shock and awe factor in the language usage. Nothing labeled as disruptive was viewed as constructive or peaceful till then!!   So what is #disruptive technology? It simply defines an #innovation that altersContinue reading “Disruptive Technology & Social Disruption”

Are we converting into a world of Soldiers? Where are the Scouts?

The concept of ‘Soldier’ and ‘Scout’ in our everyday decision-making and behavior has been in the frontline of discussion ever since Julia Galef explained it in her Tedtalk. Cultures across the world have their way of decision-making and behavior towards people different from them. Asian cultures expect decisions and behaviors to benefit the greater good of theContinue reading “Are we converting into a world of Soldiers? Where are the Scouts?”

Defogging Speaking Gen Z

My earlier musings @: brought on a flood of queries on the meanings of the lingo of Gen Z . Here’s the glossary for the article starting with the title #Glowup


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